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Thank you for your interest in our website and the desire to get closer acquainted with investment opportunities of the Republic of Tajikistan. 

Stable political and evolving investment climate, adopted legislative and regulatory acts promote the solution to many priority tasks related to growth and modernization of the economy, attraction of investments and private sector development. 

Government of the Republic of Tajikistan conducts active policy aimed at improving the living standards of its population and ensuring sustainable economic growth, through its integration into the world economy. 

Government makes every effort to support and develop the banking and industrial sectors, to accelerate the process of reforming the regulatory policy aimed at simplifying procedures related to business and investment activities. The country’s legislation provides for equal rights and preferences for both local and foreign investors. As well as the liberalization of legislation related to foreign trade, investment and reduction of the customs duties ensured the Republic of Tajikistan to join the World Trade Organization in March 2013. 

The Republic of Tajikistan being a full member of the world’s community puts substantial efforts to implement economic reforms and to be integrated into the world economy at the largest extent possible, which resulted into the economic reforms, implemented lately that marked the achievement of significant progress in the improvement of the business and investment environment. Thus the process of institutional reforms is continued, with the real infrastructure of market economy is being shaped, and government bodies being reformed. 

Recognition of the Republic of Tajikistan as one of the ten reformer countries in the Annual World Bank Report «Doing Business» is a very important indicator that our country is set towards development through the implementation of the reforms, creating a reliable infrastructure, moving out of the communication blockade and strengthening its energy security. 

This growth and improvements have been made possible due to the political will of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, well-coordinated work of the government structures and the active involvement of the international organizations and private sector. 

On our website you can get all the necessary information about existing investment legislation, business support, state property management and privatization, privileges and preferences for investors and entrepreneurs, procedures for participation in the privatization of the state property and other data, that is required for doing business in Tajikistan. 

We hope that this information would be of a practical interest for anyone who is interested to start and develop their business in the Republic of Tajikistan. 

Taking this opportunity, I invite you to actively invest your capital in the economy of our country, to master new markets and to be sure that you will find the Republic of Tajikistan as a reliable, stable and long-term partner. 

Investments go where they are welcome and stay where they are comfortable. 

Kodiri Kosim
Chairman of the State Committee on Investments
and State Property Management of the Republic of Tajikistan