Information about× Restructuring of the Public Enterprises


One of the main objectives of the× Plan is to take measures on restructuring the natural monopolies and large enterprises of the× Republic of Tajikistan.

The Decree adopted by× Government of the Republic of× Tajikistan as of November 7, 2003 (under No.486) foresees development of individual plans for restructuring fourteen (14) large enterprises and very large enterprises (specified in the Annex 3). 

The main mechanisms of the restructuring are:
- elimination of unprofitable production; 
- discard the social and non-productive areas of the enterprise; 
- disintegration of multiplex into smaller enterprises, the establishment of affiliations and associated companies; 
- sale, lease, write off and mortgage of underutilized assets; 
- Revaluation of fixed assets. 

Presently, the× Plans of the Joint Stock Company “Tajiktelekom”, the Joint Stock Company “Teleradiocom”, the State Unitary Aviation Enterprise “Tajik Air”, the State Unitary Enterprise “TajikGaz”, the State Unitary Enterprise “Rohi Ohani Tojikiston” has been approved by the× Government of the Republic of× Tajikistan. Furthermore, preparation of the individual plan for restructuring the Open Joint Stock Holding Company “Barki Tojik” is planned in 2010 which be submitted to the Government.


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