Promising directions of business

Industries, that are most attractive for business 
• mining industry; 
• chemical industry; 
• production of construction and building materials; 
• light and food industries; 
• agriculture, processing of agricultural products; 
• transport and communications; 
• tourism. 

Tajikistan interior- more than 400 deposits of ore and non-metallic minerals are revealed, explored and prepared to be absorbed:
• gold and silver deposits;
• iron-bismuth, tungsten deposits;
• stocks of antimony;
• marble, granite and precious stones,;
• oil and gas.

The rights for exploration of natural resources are issued on a competitive basis. 
Plans of the Government – conduction of an international tender for the right to develop stockpiles of useful mineral deposits. 
Agriculture - excellent climatic conditions of the country, characterized by abundant sunshine and water, and fertile valleys that allow the cultivation of fruits and vegetables with unique taste 

Priority directions of development agriculture are:
• processing of agricultural products;
• processing of wool and hides;
• cotton;
• gardening and horticulture (organic products);
• livestock;
• bee-keeping;
• development of new lands.

Tourism - Tajikistan develops tourism infrastructure and tourism services, has the potential for further development of:
• Environment;
• health;
• mining and hunting tourism.